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Student Feedback Report: 2017-2021

We're all for transparency and accountability, so as part of our Quality Assurance process, we ask our Students for their feedback. What did you find enjoyable or frustrating about the course? What can we do better?

99.7% of Graduates recommend training with Mediation Academy SA (Pty) Ltd. (See graph 7). And that's not cherry-picking, our data is available for audit by the DOJ and mediation membership bodies.

Here's what our Students had to say:

Overall Student Satisfaction: 4.6 Stars

"The client service and quality of work was excellent." - Ebbiegail K

"The information was accurate, the templates are wonderful to use and the educator was helpful and professional." - Felicia S

"The content of the material was extremely comprehensive." - Marine W

"The course is presented professionally and with good content" - Stephan F

"Friendly and accessible people. The content is really very good. I’ve learnt much more than I ever expected from the content." - Johannes vL

"In depth lectures/videos and assignments that simplify complex processes." - Tyla dL

"I learned a lot and Barry explained very well and helped with everything to start my own business." - Yolandi S

"Absolutely everything! I found Mediation Academy to be professional, the course material was comprehensive, and everything is straight forward and easy to use. Thank you!" - Cindy B

"Nothing at all - I am new to this online learning and traditionally prepared face to face lessons, but this was an amazing experience for me. I am excited." - Khanyisile M

"It was a great experience overall." - Keshnie M

"The support of staff and the feeling that you are 'seen"' I'm not only a number on the other side of the computer. And the fact that I can speak Afrikaans to someone on the other side of the phone. And the response from staff is great and very helpful." - Mariet P

"The presentation, and the extra material provided." - Rirhandzu S

"The quality of the study material was excellent. Very satisfied with the friendly and professional assistance received. Overall a course I will definitely recommend." - Sharon M

"Honestly, can't complain, I can only recommend Mediation Academy to my contacts" - Bheki K

We would like to thank you, our former Students (and now fellow Mediators!), for your inspiring feedback :)

A copy of this report is to be made available to the Dept. of Justice's Mediation Division, the ADR Intl. Register and the SA Association of Mediators. All source data in this report is available for audit.


Global Reach 2017-2022

While most of our Students reside in SA, we work with Students across the world. Here's a chart of our Students, Web Contacts and Inquiries from 2017-2022:



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