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Prepare for the Future of Family Law in SA

The SA Law Reform Commission is drafting new legislation to make mediation mandatory for all family law cases. The Alternative Dispute Resolution in Family Matters Bill intends to remove litigation as the default mechanism for settling divorces, parenting plans, maintenance disputes, etc.

Of the 31,000 practicing attorneys in SA, fewer than 3% have been trained as mediators and fewer still comply with national standards. This represents a clear opportunity for legal professionals, social workers, psychologists, counsellors and other professionals to establish their private mediation practices.

4.7 Star rating by 562 Students over 7 Years

Simone L

Mediator & Admitted Attorney

"It has been very interactive and informative. I was impressed by the extra tools/precedents/marketing information given. It was an A to Z in learning mediation skills and opening up a business."

Melissa D

Mediator & Psychologist

"Truly quality training; loved the entire structure of the course...  Also, thank you for always being available to provide assistance. I had a really good academic experience with Mediation Academy...will strongly recommend this course to my colleagues and peers."

Eytan N

Mediator & Relationship Coach

"Access to real people behind the scenes who know what they are talking about and care about you as an individual."

Course Accreditations

30 SACSSP cpd points
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* SACSSP member? You get 30 CPD points for completing the 80-hour qualification

SA's only Mediation course that covers all compulsory training components

in a single qualification

Course Outline

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  1. Mediation Basics

  2. Psychology in Mediation

  3. Fundamentals of SA Family Law

  4. Divorce

  5. Parenting Plans (including Substance Abuse)

  6. Section 22 Agreements

  7. Maintenance

  8. Domestic Violence

  9. Advanced Mediation Skills

  10. Mediation as a Business

    16-hour Live Role-plays

Modules available as Short Courses

Compulsory Foundation Training for SA mediators

Family Law Mediation Course

(includes all 10 modules as well as 16 hours of live role-plays)

Family Law Mediation Course

(includes all 10 modules)

Practical component

No waiting for training dates.

Study anywhere, at your own pace, on anything with a screen.

"There's a window of opportunity that presents itself in every dispute. A chance to reshape conflict for good."

Monica Supra, Co-Founder


This is what the training videos look like:

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At the end of the course you'll be able to:

  • Successfully Mediate cases in Family Law, including:

    • Divorces

    • Parenting Plans

    • Section 22 Applications

    • Maintenance

  • Apply the correct mediation model to different situations

  • Navigate court processes and structures

  • Apply business tools to starting your mediation practice

  • Engage the accreditation process and request supervision. Post-accreditation, you can work as a mediator in SA or internationally.

Who can become a Mediator?

Your 3-year degree or diploma unlocks a career or side-business in Family Law Mediation. Appropriate experience can provide an alternative route.

Launch your Practice

Engage the process now to enter the field and start your Mediation practice as early as 4-6 weeks from now, or expand your existing practice.


About the Course

Our video learning courses allow professionals to study mediation at their own pace by watching videos instead of taking weeks off work. The 80-hour version of this course is the only South African course that covers ALL the training required by the national accreditation board (NABFAM).

Courses are accredited in SA and internationally, and they're based on the United Nations' model for mediation. The focus is on practical implementation, with plenty of tools, templates and support to launch and operate a registered mediation practice.

After 64 hours of video self study, course practicals can be completed by booking 2 days (16 hours) of live role-plays where we meet as a group via live video call. Learners have up to 1 year for course completion, but it can be completed in as little as 2 weeks of dedicated study.


Post-Qualification Professional Certification

Once you've completed your qualification, you'll want to attain your professional certification ("mediator accreditation"). We work with a number of SA and international professional membership organisations, and provide guidance and assistance to get you into the field without delay.

Talk to an expert today, or leave your contact details below and we'll reach out to you.



Course inquiries

074 118 4847 | 062 598 6344 | 067 334 0444

Privacy Policy: By submitting this form, you agree to receive communications in terms of the 2021/07/01 update of the POPI Act of  2013. Communications are periodic and include industry news, product offers, as well as industry events. We respect your privacy and allow you to easily opt-out immediately should you wish to do so. Records of information you submit are processed and transmitted internationally, and academic records may be made available to mediation membership & regulatory bodies for industry-accepted practices in line with the POPI Act of. 2013.

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