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International Governing Body increases Investment in SA Mediation Industry

The ADR International Register, who opened their first South African branch in Randburg in 2016, has announced that no membership fees will apply to qualified and accredited mediators until the beginning of 2020.

Based in the Netherlands, the governing body has consistently grown mediation and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution as a viable alternative to litigation, providing increased access to justice in Australia, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Mediation industries under their administration range from Family Law, to Community Mediation, Medico-Legal and more (please visit their website for the full range of areas).


Their Quality Assessment Programs (QAP's) are based on standards set by the International Mediation Institute (IMI), also boasting ISO9001 accreditation and certification by Lloyds.

The model differs significantly from many local governing bodies in the sense that increased transparency into industry regulation is provided, which includes a division of policymakers and those companies that profit from self-designed policies.

Their web-platform (click here to open) connects clients and law firms in need of mediation with Accredited Mediators, as well as being able to identify Mediators without a valid license for practice.

International recognition of qualifications enable Mediators to practice internationally with fewer barriers to market entry.

For more information please contact their SA-representative, Theresa du Preez at 010 593 5017 or

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If you are interested in becoming a qualified Mediator, accredited both in SA and Internationally, please view our complete 64h course here or view our website for further information.

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