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Do I Qualify to Work as a Mediator?

While there are currently no statutory requirements to enter the field, the industry expectation is for mediators to hold a 3-year tertiary qualification and a valid professional certification ('accreditation'). In the absence of a 3-year qualification, it is possible to apply for professional certification where applicants demonstrate sufficient work experience in related fields.

A background in Law or the Social Sciences are common among mediators, but the industry is not restrictive and any other 3-year tertiary qualification is sufficient for professional certification with a membership organisation.

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Entry Requirements for the 64h/80h Family Law Mediation courses:

1.   Minimum Tertiary Qualification(s):

(a)  3-Year Tertiary qualification at NQF level 5, or

(b)  Currently enrolled for a 3-year Tertiary qualification at NQF level 5, or

(c) Appropriate experience (contact us to discuss exemptions)

2.   Laptop / Tablet / Smart TV / Smartphone


3.   Internet connection

  • Slow / expensive internet? We'll courier a flashdrive with the training videos and textbook to your door

Note: No entry requirements apply to short courses


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