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Payment plan: R10,050 deposit and R9,990 each month thereafter for 6 months




(a) All 10 modules

As per the standards set by the National Accreditation Board of Family Mediators. Our 80-hour course covers every component of NABFAM's minimum training requirements in modules 1-3. Modules 4-10 include training on deliverables and practice management/planning that we consider indispensable.


(b) Practicals (2 full days of small group role-plays via video call)

Book this leg of the course in advance. Here we spend 2 full days practicing our mediation skills in role-plays. We meet via video call and work in small groups. Role-plays are assessed and feedback provided throughout.


(c) Platinum support

Up to 16 hours of tutoring within 12 hours notice or less. You'll have a course presenter on call, ready to provide 1-on-1 tutoring with minimum fuss.


(d) Weekly video call

Weekly 20min calls to check-in on progress and provide support, runs over a total of 3 months. Total time works out to 12 x 20min sessions = 4hrs. Bank any unused time to spend in strategy sessions at the end of the course.


(e) 6-Hour post-course Strategy session

Enter the industry with the help of industry veterans in individual strategy sessions. Launch your mediation practice. Find out who the movers and shakers are. Get introduced to key players.


(f) Post-qualification Supervision for professional mediator certification

Work with top accredited supervisors to attain professional certification with a national or international PMO. All standard costs are included, but additional remedial lessons/submissions are excluded.


(g) 3-Day Advanced Mediator Training

Launch your mediation practice with a NABFAM accredited 3-day masterclass in the finer points of mediating family law (15 CPD points).




The 80-Hour Family Law Mediation qualification is the only course in SA that covers ALL 3 components of the compulsory training as per the NABFAM standards:

  • 40h Mediation

  • 12h Psychology for Mediators

  • 12h Family Law for Mediators



  • NABFAM (National Accreditation Board for Family Mediators)

  • SAAM (SA Association of Mediators)

  • ADR International Register

  • SACSSP (30 CPD points)

Executive suite (Payment plan)

R69 990,00Price
  • Should you be dissatisfied with the training in any way, please contact us within 7 days of course registration. If we're unable to find a solution, Mediation Academy will refund you subject to a 10% administrative fee. Please contact us immediately if you encounter any problems in order to help us improve our service.

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