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NABFAM Accreditation of Mediation Academy's 80h Family Law Mediation course

It is with great pleasure that we announce the accreditation of Mediation Academy SA's complete 80h Family Law Mediation course by the National Accreditation Board of Family Mediators (NABFAM). NABFAM was established in 2010 and has served the SA mediation industry as a regulatory body that sets standards for mediators in the industry (by way of its code of conduct) as well as setting standards in respect of the training of mediators.

To view our shiny new accreditation certificate, kindly click here. In line with international best practices, we make all pertinent information and certificates available to the public.

The auspicious event marks our third accreditation, alongside the ADR International Register and the South African Association for Mediators (SAAM).

How to convert your 64h qualification into the newly-accredited 80h qualification

Should you already hold the 64h Family Law Mediation qualification, you may convert your qualification into the 80h Family Law Mediation qualification by successfully completing the 16h Live Role Plays Add-on. This practical component comprises of mediating a minimum of 3 scenarios where the mediator is assessed by two SAAM-accredited assessors.

For more information, contact us today by clicking here.


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