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Mediation Academy SA presents training to law students in New Delhi

Following on the success of the 2021 Global Conflict and Dispute Resolution Workshop (hosted by Delhi Metropolitan Education), Mediation Academy SA will be presenting foundation mediation training with Accords International next month! The collaboration spans 3 continents, featuring high-impact presenters from across the globe.

Accords International recently launched Project MediatEarly to make mediation and conflict resolution training programs more accessible for students and young professionals. They are launching their first virtual 60-hour Accredited Foundation Learning Program in Mediation in collaboration with Mediation Academy SA.

Mediation Academy SA co-founder and course presenter, Barry Greyvenstein, worked closely with Accords International as an advisor for the initiative, which is set to become a truly global program for professionals across the world to promote mediation as the preferred method for conflict resolution.

Accords International launched Project MediatEarly following a decision in 2020 made by the Bar Council of India, which made "Mediation with Conciliation" a compulsory subject to be taught to law students. This is a huge milestone considering that India will become the most populous country in the world within the coming year.

While centred on Indian audiences, the training program is accessible to all international students. Following global economic shifts during the pandemic, India is shaping up to become the world's fastest-growing economy with an incredible 7.4% GDP growth in the current financial year.


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