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Emigration via Mediation

South Africa is seeing a massive resignation wave that will impact the country’s post-Covid economic rebound. According to the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (Desa), 914 901 South African citizens emigrated between 2015 and 2020 due to economic, social, political, and environmental concerns (City Press, 2022).

While many citizens are ready to make a move, not everyone is ensured of a career when they emigrate. Mediation Academy offers internationally accredited courses in Family Law Mediation, providing professionals with the option of a career abroad.


Before jetting off to your next destination to practice as a Family Law Mediator, there are requirements to be met:

  • An Internationally Accredited Qualification, and

  • A degree in Law, Social Work, Psychology, or another Bachelor's degree; and/or

  • Some countries require Practical Experience in Mediation

Different countries have different selection criteria. Some countries, for example, Australia, require a combination of a qualification in law/social sciences/social work as well as two years of experience in the field of mediation. Starting the process now saves time later on.

What to do Next?

  1. Speak to our staff to evaluate your situation and map your career options

  2. Register for either the 64h or 80h course at Mediation Academy

  3. Study our video-learning course in your own time

  4. Accredit with either an SA-based or an international membership body

  5. Where necessary, get the practical experience by mediating

Need Help?

Schedule a call with us to get the ball rolling. We also offer guidance and support for the accreditation process. Contact us for assistance!

Note: Bona Fide university students, as well as practicing Psychologists, Social Workers and Legal Practitioners may be entitled to a discount. Contact us for more details.

Best regards,

Team Mediation Academy


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