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Breaking the Cycle of Generational Trauma

As mediators, we work with families while they are in the process of BIG transformations. Breaking up means redefining roles and reinventing the individual.

The long-term effects of divorce on children tend to be complex and multifaceted. While some children may adapt well to the changes and thrive despite their parents' separation, others may experience lasting emotional, psychological, and social challenges. 

Long-term consequences can include difficulties in forming and maintaining relationships, lower academic achievement, and the transfer of generational trauma.

Generational trauma is transferred onto children through various mechanisms, including learned behaviours and coping strategies modeled by parents, and the environmental stressors and family dynamics that shape their upbringing, perpetuating a cycle of unresolved trauma across generations.

Family law mediation can break the cycle of generational trauma by providing a supportive and neutral environment where families can address conflicts, communicate effectively, and reach mutually beneficial agreements, thus fostering healing, understanding, and the establishment of healthier relationship patterns for both current and future generations.

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