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Client Satisfaction Report: 2017-2018 Statistics

As part of our Quality Assurance process we ask our students for their feedback. What did you find enjoyable or frustrating about the course? What can we improve on?

100% of Graduates said they would recommend training with Mediation Academy. And that's not cherry-picking.

As part of our international certification both our courses and our client satisfaction records are checked by and communicated with the international governing body (ADR International Register). Here's what graduates said about training with us:

Fast and professional way to obtain quality tuition”- JS

There were instances where I requested help with the course via WhatsApp and I was helped in a friendly and understanding manner.” - CH

Easy and understandable course”- MJ

Very practical and effective way of training for people that have full time jobs. The content and approach is also very focused on practical implementation.” - GA

"Easy to use and good scope”- AvR

Detailed quality training and efficient speedy responses to queries” - BJ

The support is outstanding” - NN

The quality of service and the dedication to the client is superb” - GB

Client Service and support is superb" - AvR

We would like to thank you: our former Students and now fellow-Mediators, for your inspiring feedback.

To view our Training programs, click on the following link:

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